MockOla is an 2D canvas drawing tool. Easily create UI Wireframes, Free-Form Designs, and UML Diagrams at

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Primary Platform Features

Built by developers on the Keyhole team and written in pure JavaScript and embedded in a ReactJS application, MockOla gives users the power to build beautiful UI wireframe widgets, free-form designs, and UML diagrams. Users select elements from the various pallets provided and can add, move, reshape, and customize them using the simple drag-and-drop editor.

No need to create an account or login; start using the tool now at For a quick tour of MockOla’s features and capabilities, take a look at our video tutorial.

  • Drag-and-Drop Canvas

    Create any concept on the canvas using a simple drag-and-drop of your cursor.

  • User Interface Wireframing

    Use user interface template palette to create wireframes for web, desktop, mobile, and tablet applications

  • UML Diagraming

    Use the UML Modeling Palette to create software system designs.

  • Export Designs

    Export to PNG and download any design you create.

  • No Log-in Required

    Only available to you, all designs are stored locally on your browser. No log-in needed; start using MockOla now.

Design Capabilities

User Interface Wireframing:

Create templates for web, mobile, and tablet applications with standards UI constructs.

Free-Form Diagrams:

Customize shapes, lines, text, and constructs to
build any flow chart or free-form design.

UML Diagrams:

Design software systems using standard unified modeling language concepts, shapes, and object linking.

Using MockOla

An example of selecting, dragging and dropping, and resizing elements onto the MockOla canvas to create a UI mockup.

Simple Drag & Drop

When in the MockOla editor, choose elements from the architecture, shape, UI, UML, or flow chart pallets. Then, drag elements from the editing menu and drop them to the canvas to create your desired mockup as shown to the left. The design possibilities are endless with MockOla.

View available shapes and palettes via the toolbar. Align, group, and rearrange elements using the controls available. Change associated text and edit layering. Download any design in PNG format.

With no account, login, or authentication needed, you can start using MockOla right now. All diagrams are stored locally on your browser, only available to you, and are downloadable and sharable.

Learn How to Use MockOla

For a general tutorial on how to navigate and use MockOla, take a look at our How-To Video:

For a more specific overview of MockOla’s User Modelling Language (UML) palette, watch our UML Palette Highlight:

Technology Stack

Keyhole’s developers implemented the MockOla editor using JavaScript, React.js and Fabric.js, for 2D drawing capabilities on an HTML5 browser canvas.