Keyhole Released MockOla v2.0 With New Features

Keyhole Labs has announced the release of Version 2.0 of the free UI design tool MockOla, adding features and capabilities that enhance the design process.

MockOla is a free 2D drawing tool that allows users to easily build UI wireframes, free-form designs, and UML diagrams with a simple drag-and-drop editor. MockOla is available online, is free to use, and allows users to easily create custom designs and mockups.

This new version of MockOla includes a new dashboard with an enhanced look and feel, the addition of new palettes and elements, a function to upload and add photos into designs, and the ability to use the tool without creating an account or logging in.

Byzantine API Gateway Renamed Keyhole Fabric API Gateway + Added Features

As mentioned on the Byzantine blog, the Keyhole Labs team announced that Byzantine API Gateway has been renamed the Keyhole Fabric API Gateway. With this release, new features have been added to include performance improvements with connection pooling and the addition of a usage instruction directory.

Learn more about Keyhole Fabric API Gateway by visiting its pro…

Byzantine Config Accepted Into Hyperledger Labs

The Keyhole Labs team is excited to announce that our Byzantine Config has been accepted into Hyperledger Labs.

Hyperledger® Labs is a community-based innovation space gathering people who share a common interest in developing blockchain related software. Hyperledger Labs allows Byzantine Config to be further tested, innovated, and used by the wider Hyperledger community without the creation of an official Hyperledger project.

Announcing “Byzantine Tools” For Blockchain

Our team is excited to announce the release of Byzantine Tools, a series of blockchain open source projects to enhance Hyperledger blockchain networks.

Our focus is to create open source solutions that help software developers in their craft. Byzantine Tools is an extension of our open source initiatives with a more specific focus on blockchain technology.

Current Byzantine Tool offerings include Byzantine Browser, Byzantine Config, and Byzantine Flu which can be accessed…

Newly Renamed: Byzantine Browser

Keyhole Labs would like to announce the name change of our open source tool for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks. Previously known as the Keyhole Software Blockchain Browser, the tool is now known as the Byzantine Browser. The KHS Byzantine Browser is an analytics tool for real-time visibility into transactions and blocks as they are added to a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network. …

Keyhole Releases Open Source Blockchain Browser For Real-Time Metrics

Keyhole Labs is excited to announce the release of our new open source tool for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks: KHS Blockchain Browser. The KHS Blockchain Browser allows users to browse blockchain data while providing real-time analytics of the transactions and executions. It also provides monitoring of new blocks being added to the network. The application was built using React and Node.js. It …

Keyhole Releases Open Source, React-Based Chat UI Component

The Keyhole team is excited to announce the release of an open source UI chat component that can be embedded in applications. This UI Component is React-based and can be used for chatbots and chat-based user interfaces. Its Github project has a test implementation, so you can see it in action. It has a configurable implementation to talk with any …


KHS {Convo} Released Under Open Source License

We are excited to announce the public release of the KHS {Convo} conversational application development platform under an Apache 2.0 open source license. KHS {Convo} is a Node.js-based platform for creating SMS text message and web-based conversational experiences. See the project repository on Github at https://github.com/in-the-keyhole/khs-convo. What is a Conversational Application? A Conversational Application provides a messaging interface for a personalized conversation between …

Try Out Conversational App, Enter To Win $200

Enter to Win $200 Amazon Gift Card Try out a conversational application we built & get entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Text the word “quiz” to application number 913-270-0360 to enter. You will be asked four programming history/trivia questions via text exchange. After, you will be sent a link to a web form explaining quiz answers. Right …


Conversation About Conversational SMS Applications

A version of this post was published on KeyholeSoftware.com. Just about everyone has a mobile phone; the vast majority have smartphones with the ability to install and use mobile applications. iOS and Android app stores are choked with applications. With a handful of top-100 exceptions, most applications have very few downloads — if they have a lot of downloads, it’s …